Engineered To Scale With Practices Of All Sizes

Generate more revenue, simplify workflows, and connect with patients using the one and only telehealth platform built for healthcare enterprises.

Built to Scale With Any Practice, No Matter the Size

Beam is a platform that’s changing the way providers view virtual care. Connect with patients like never before through:

Picture-In-Picture Mode

Keep focus on your patients. Pop out of video calls to look up information or take notes while staying visually connected.

Smart Group Therapy Controls

Direct the flow of group therapy sessions. Use individual video and audio controls to ensure each patient has their chance to participate.

Maximize Touchpoints

Get patients engaged from the start with a custom waiting room. Provide your own content or get help from one of our experts.

Simplify Practice Management

Elevate your practice with digital infrastructure designed to support seamless growth.

Optimize Your Revenue

Grow your practice with digital insights from Beam. Unlock new KPIs such as retention rates and new patient transaction values.

Delegate Intelligently

Use Beam to share management roles responsibly. Control levels of employee access on our platform for comprehensive security and streamlined operations.

Share Documents Securely

Make your patient a partner-in-care. Instantly send test results through our HIPAA-compliant channels.

Craft and Measure the
Patient Experience