Frequently Asked Questions

by Providers

What is Beam?

Beam is telemedicine made easy.

Beam is a mobile app that allows healthcare providers to connect to patients via text, voicemail and video chat for free.

The Beam Health mobile app:

  • is 100% free for providers
  • allows providers to text and video chat with patients on a HIPAA compliant platform
  • gives providers free online, text and email marketing campaigns for existing and new patients
  • enables billing through insurance or via cash, through an existing biller or through Beam
  • lets providers earn money and deposit funds to their bank account

Providers: Download Beam on your smart phone today, and use your Doximity credentials to log in or click “sign up” to request an invite for a provider profile.

To download Beam, visit on your smart phone or search for Beam Health on the app store.
After downloading, request a personalized demo today:

Beam also makes it possible for patients to pay their in-network price for a remote consultation with any healthcare provider.

How do I sign up for Beam?

If you’re a healthcare provider, you can get started with Beam by downloading our app at on your smart phone or by searching for Beam Health on the app store.
After downloading, request a personalized demo today:

If you’re a patient, you can have Beam sent to your physician by emailing us at Note that there is no app download requirement for patients!

As a provider, why should I use Beam?

Beam allows providers the rare opportunity to increase profitability while increasing patient satisfaction. Patients hunger for a means to conveniently access the providers they trust. Beam allows providers to grant their patients convenient care at zero cost to the provider.

Note that Beam collects $10 per video chat from either the patient’s charge or what is reimbursed by insurance, depending on the patient’s insurance coverage. All other revenue generated from the video consult is kept by the provider.

How much will Beam charge me?

Beam is 100% free for providers, forever. Beam has no add-on costs, paid features or premium offering.

Beam collects $10 per video consult from the patient’s charge. For video consults with Medicaid patients, this $10 would come from what is reimbursed by insurance.

Will integrating telemedicine into my practice be an intensive process?

Not with Beam. Our app allows for end-to-end telemedicine deployment, from marketing to billing, at zero cost.

If desired, Beam’s team can consult you on how to begin offering telemedicine services.

What if I am I’m already too busy as it is?

The demand for telemedicine already exists, and it presents the opportunity to increase your profitability while increasing patient satisfaction. Beam allows you to set the price for your visits, and at the right price, telemedicine will be worth your time.

Beam allows for efficient healthcare deliverance; patients are rarely late and consults take 5-15 minutes on average. Consider testing Beam with a handful of patients/providers in an office.

When would I conduct telemedicine visits?

You have options: fully integrate in-person and telemedicine hours, carve out time during normal business hours exclusively for telemedicine or conduct telemedicine exclusively after-hours or on weekends.

Is my information safe on Beam?

We take security very seriously at Beam. Our app is HIPAA-compliant and all  video chats and patient information are encrypted.

Does insurance cover telemedicine? What will patients pay?

Most states include coverage for telemedicine from private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid. Contact Beam and let us consult you for the states in which you practice.

Providers choose what to charge patients for video consults on Beam. Beam collects $10 per video consult from that amount.

  • Cash Practices: Providers set the price their patients pay per video consult, and Beam collects $10 from that amount
  • Privately Insured Patients/Commercial: We can calculate the patient’s in-network copay and charge them this amount for each video consult. Beam would keep $10 from this amount, and the provider keeps the rest. You can also choose to charge the patient more than their in-network copay for each video consult, if desired
  • Medicare: Beam would collect $10 from the patient’s copay; the provider keeps the rest
  • Medicaid: Beam would collect $5 from what is reimbursed by insurance; the provider keeps the rest
Are my patients going to be sold other products when they sign up to Beam?

Absolutely not. We do not advertise or a promote sponsored content or products.

Will my competitors have access to my patients on Beam?

No; providers who use the app have their own digital practice. Your patients can only be accessed by providers/staff that you authorize.

How much can I earn with Beam?

Commercial insurers generally reimburse between $70-$100 per video consult, while Medicare/Medicaid will generally reimburse around $40-$60 per consult. These rates may vary depending on the insurance plan and state where the consult takes place.

The average in-network copay for a 15-minute video consultation is $30.

Telemedicine can either be a competitive advantage today, or a competitive necessity tomorrow.

What if I am affiliated to an institution?

Use Beam to deliver care to patients that you acquire outside of your institution, such as patients who find you online (our team can help with online marketing).

How can I encourage patients to use Beam?

Beam will help you market your telemedicine offering for free, by giving you online, text and email marketing campaigns for existing and new patients.

How does billing work with Beam?

Billing for telemedicine is simple & involves only a handful of CPT codes. Beam enables billing through insurance or via cash, through your existing biller or via Beam.

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