Beam has no add-on costs, paid features, or paid premium offering. Our HIPAA-Compliant iOS app is 100% free for providers to download and use. Now and Forever.

Cash Practices

Providers determine fees for their telemedicine services. Beam charges the patients after each consult, collects $10, and send the rest to the practice via daily payouts. Beam covers credit card transaction fees for our customers.


Privately Insured Patients

We can calculate the patient’s copay in real-time and charge them this amount for each video consult. Beam would keep $10 from this amount, and the provider keeps the rest. After each consult, the provider can submit a medical claim for insurance reimbursement through their biller or through Beam. 



Using a real-time eligibility check, we can determine if the patient is covered for telemedicine, and either charge them their copay if they are covered or charge them a set fee if they are not. Beam collects $10 from the patient’s charge; the provider keeps the rest.