Know where your state stands on telemedicine.

At Beam, we have all the tools you need for Patient & Insurance Telemedicine Billing.

Each state has unique telemedicine laws in place for commercial insurance and Medicaid. While some states allow coverage for all telemedicine visits as if they were in-person, other states have criteria that must be satisfied in order to ensure coverage.

It’s important to note that not all telemedicine is treated equally—we’ve tailored Beam to achieve the highest rate of reimbursement. Beam’s video chat feature fits the gold standard of reimbursement: we provide live, real-time, synchronous, HIPAA-compliant video capability.

EXPANSION OF TELEHEALTH WITH 1135 WAIVER: Under this new waiver, Medicare can pay for office, hospital, and other visits done via telehealth in all 50 states, including visits in which the patient is doing a real-time video appointment from their home starting March 6, 2020. Currently, there is no end date for this waiver. Learn more here.

The map below is interactive; please click on any state you would like to know how telemedicine is reimbursed.

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