Beyond Today’s Standard for Telehealth

Choppy audio kills a conversation, a video feed that cuts out or blurs interrupts care-healthcare calls for a solution that is reliable. One that works even when a patient is in their car, or going for a walk, or traveling on vacation.

Advanced Controls

With Beam you can:

  • See your patient’s internet connection strength in real-time
  • Share medical information from your screen, adjust patient’s audio and video settings settings during group video calls
  • Take patient notes that automatically flow into your EHR
  • Collect patient payments automatically provide patients with financial assistance through specialized payment plans
  • Track your business metrics in a data room

For a limited time, Beam is offering free Telehealth to mental health clinics. Try the platform now!

Digital Infrastructures For The Modern Practice

You’re not limited to the patient experience created by someone else. With Beam, you can easily craft a better patient experience in telehealth, onboarding, online chat, payment collections, and more!

Craft and Measure the
Patient Experience