Telemedicine Billing

telemedicine billing

38 states have Telemedicine Parity Laws in place, requiring commercial insurance companies to cover telemedicine in the same manner as in-person visits. Medicare and Medicaid have some of level of telehealth coverage across the country, but sometimes have requirements specific to patient location.

At Beam, we have all the tools you need for Patient & Insurance Telemedicine Billing. 

You have 3 options, all free of charge!

Option 1: Send us your payer mix, and we’ll add a real-time eligibility check & copay calculator to your patient registration workflow. Patients can submit their payer ID and payer name and see their out-of-pocket cost in real time. Patients with insurance plans that do not cover telemedicine will be shown a cash price that you determine. Beam can also collect the patient’s copay via credit card and send payouts to your practice bank account. Your biller can then submit medical claims for reimbursement. Beam covers the fees for credit card processing and the eligibility checks.

Option 2: Charge patients as you normally would, through your current biller. Beam would then deduct our service fee from your bank account after each consult.

Option 3: Alternatively, you can use Beam to charge patients a fixed cash price after each consult. To set this up, sign into the Beam Health app, click on settings panel, click Settings, turn on Invoice Patients & click Set Price. Note that while you can adjust pricing for a particular consult, you cannot set multiple prices for different segments of patients.