A Telemedicine Platform Built for Ease

Use our telemedicine platform to have video appointments with your patients. Beam is the only telemedicine platform that providers can use with zero training.

Available On All Devices

Optimized For Patient Adoption

Many practices have purchased a telehealth platform only to find that it’s too difficult for patients to use. We’ve built our technology with patients in mind. With Beam, patients do not have to download any software or app.

Get A Beam Account in Under 24 Hours

Beam has the fastest implementation time in the industry—we get most clinics up and running within 1 business day.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Allowing patients to see you without taking time away from their work and families will lead to more frequent appointments and better health outcomes. Simply put, engaged patients are healthier and happier. Your patients will appreciate having the option to conveniently access care.

Expand Your Reach to More Patients

Why limit your practice to patients who live near your offices? Expand your reach to new geographies and patient markets.

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“Virtual is where it’s at, especially during the rise of this contagious disease. We’re using Beam to continue to provide care to people and hopefully keep the well away from the sick. Especially at times like this, people tend to panic and seek care.” Dr. Fedewa continues, “You can tell a lot just by looking at a person via a Beam video visit. You can monitor their breathing rate and inquire about their comorbidities. A telemedicine visit allows us to know if a patient is sick enough to direct to a hospital. Beam is a great tool to minimize the burden on hospitals.”

Dr. Susan Fedewa
Owner 98point6 Emergicenter
Lansing, MI

“Being a owner of multiple medical clinics, I was faced with the challenge of becoming creative to weather this COVID-19 storm our nation is facing. Within 12 hours of introducing our Telehealth collaboration with Beam Health, we have scheduled five Telehealth appointments virtually overnight. As a business owner I’m able to panic less knowing my staff can remain working, our clinics can remain open, and most importantly our patients are able to be taken care of continuously.”

Dr. Sam Patel, MD MBA
Managing Director, ThinfastMD
CoFounder, Onyx Medical Center

“Other telemedicine platforms feel like running a whole new medical office alongside your own clinic! Beam is simple, easy to use and to the point. If we need a telemedicine visit, we can simply send the patient a text with a video link and the patient can access our appointment right away. Patients do not need to download any app. We bill for the visit in the same way we charge for seeing a patient IN the office. I do not need ‘bells and whistles’ to care for my patients. Just simple accessibility.”

Dr. Diana Tang, MD
Owner of Tang-Huie Pediatrics
San Francisco, CA

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Beam provides healthcare professionals with an easy, accessible, and reliable telemedicine platform to grow their businesses and help patients whenever and wherever they need care.