A healthcare-first approach to technology.

Ready for lift-off in 3…2…1…

We offer the world’s first digital operations platform for medical professionals, where clinics can be set up with an account, without a sales demo, in 90 seconds. While other companies take 2-3 weeks on average, 95% of doctors using Beam do not require training or user manuals.

A fully integrated suite of digital health features.

It takes more than just HIPAA-Compliant video conferencing to scale a virtual care clinic. We specialize in “more”.

Unlike the majority of telehealth companies, we have not outsourced a single line of code. Built 100% in-house, in the US, we offer secure, end-to-end encrypted video, a signed BAA for all clients and a complete platform that meets HIPAA standards.

Fully equipped to collect patient credit cards and manage patient payments.

The only telehealth solution on the planet where clinics can create an account and launch within 90 seconds. No sales meetings required.

Engineered for both busy modern consumers and the technology challenged elderly patients. No software or app download required for patients.

A virtual waiting room that comes with custom content to educate and promote services to patients as they wait for your providers. Every provider gets a unique, custom waiting room link that can be used anywhere in the world, at any time.

We learned early on the importance of playing nice with others. Although it’s not required, we offer custom integrations to all major EHRs. Beam can connect to your EHR for integrated scheduling, billing, appointment history and length of visit data so providers can spend less time in their EHRs.

Office managers, medical assistants, billers and other support staff can use a Beam Admin Account to chat with patients, edit practice accounts, view patient information and check patients in and out.

Providers can use Beam’s screenshare feature to optimize their virtual visits, educate patients and foster better health outcomes.

A complete telehealth marketing toolbox, engineered for growth.

We understand that clinics need help educating and acquiring patients. We’ll help you manage the patient experience from registration to revenue.

Beam will create a beautiful, high conversion website for your practice to help register and educate patients on your new telehealth offering. We’ll install this site on your homepage via a custom widget.

Reach patients seeking virtual care right from your practice website. We offer a branded button that you can display on your homepage to let website visitors know you are telehealth enabled. No coding required!


Reach your patients with Beam’s custom, multimedia text message marketing service to stay engaged with your patients and launch new offerings.

Take advantage of your waiting room. Our digital content specialists will help you create virtual displays of promotions, new services, adjusted clinic hours, and more that can be shared with patients while they wait for their clinician to show up for an appointment.

We will supply you with beautifully designed and customizable digital assets to help you self-promote your practice.

Want an extra assist to promote your clinic? Beam will feature your practice on our company social media page and our company blog!

We’re here for you, every step of the way.

All Beam users are paired with a dedicated account manager. With around-the-clock email, phone, and live chat support–for both you and your patients–your dedicated resource will make your goals, Beam’s goals.


Use Beam to Solve Your Problems and Meet Your Needs

Studies show that patient no-shows are on the rise at an alarming rate. With the demands of everyday life, today’s patients often have to make difficult choices and struggle to balance personal and professional life. Beam has helped clinics report a whopping 50% reduction in no-shows by giving patients the power to commit to their treatment plans without sacrificing their other priorities.

You need a tool that your patients will actually want to use. With no app download requirement and customer support incentivized to deliver a concierge experience, Beam makes telehealth easy. Customers who have switched from other telehealth platforms report a 6x increase in telehealth appointment volume.

Refilling a prescription can be a barrier that patients face daily. Whether it be time away from work, family, or the commute, refilling a prescription is a crucial necessity that often can fall to the wayside. Beam’s telehealth platform allows providers to help crush these barriers.

Patients and providers no longer have to struggle to find convenient times to have that initial consult. Beam drastically reduces the barriers patients face when searching for a new provider.

A third of all telehealth appointments are in behavioral health, with patients needing frequent touchpoints with their healthcare provider. If you operate a clinic focused on improving mental health, it’s a competitive necessity to choose a platform that is patient-friendly. With no software download requirement and a support team that guarantees empathic patient customer service, Beam is built to facilitate this level of engagement and to accommodate patients who struggle with mental stability.

Today, primary and urgent care clinics compete with both vertically integrated telemedicine companies and local brick-and-mortar practices. The Beam Team anticipated this trend well before COVID-19, and empowers medical practices with the tools needed to compete with VC backed tech companies.

General Urgent care related use case
COVID-19 related use case

With Beam, these appointment types no longer require patients to come into the office to have a face to face conversation. Providers and patients alike can have these consults from wherever is convenient using our HIPAA compliant, secure HD platform.

Custom EHR Integrations

Starting at $99 per month per clinic (12-month minimum) with 55 supported EHRs